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Sekolah Pelangi Alexandria (PAUD/TK)

 bursalampung.com - Sekolah Pelangi Alexandria (PAUD/TK), based in Bandar Lampung Sekolah Pelangi Alexandria Islamic is Islamic-based kindergarten with English as the language of instruction

Sekolah Pelangi Alexandria (PAUD/TK)


Qualification :

Min. Bachelor Degree (S1) relevant to teaching area

Fresh Graduate are welcome / Any graduate

Experience min. 1 year teaching skills

Fast learner in the knowledge, skills and ability to

Fluent in English is must (Active not passive)

Creative, love and have a passion in teaching children

Able to work in good team work

Moslem, age max 40

Responsibilities :

Teaching, doing all reports and all class administration

If you meet the criteria above, please send your application and CV (include your email address & WA number in the CV), diploma + transcripts, copy of ID card (KTP), and other supporting documents (awards, recognitions, and other relevant items) and also your current color photograph.

Send email to : s.kamal575@yahoo.com

With Subject : Teacher_[your name]


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