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JOB VACANCY: PT. Mutualplus Global Resources

JOB VACANCY: PT. Mutualplus Global Resources

PT. MUTUALPLUS Global Resources is a Human Resource Management Consultant engaged in Recruitment Services, Man Power Management, and Services Psychotest selection of candidates for the benefit of employees. Please join with our internal team, as a permanent employee for the position:

Subject : (INT-Rec)

  • Male Female.
  • Min. S1 Psychology with IPK Min. 2.75
  • Maximal Age 28 Years
  • Knowing the recruitment process from start to finish
  • Familiar with psychological tests and administration
  • Preferably have experience in process and marketing reikrutmen min. 1 year
  • Fresh Graduate Please Apply and will be considered
  • Able to create reports psychology
  • Have a good personality, communicative, like detail.
  • Orderly / neat and have a good planning
  • Able to collaborate with clients and candidates
  • Placement in PT. Global MUTUALPLUS Resouces Lampung

Please send your resume to:
Jl. Diponogoro no 8 Kupa Teba, Teluk Betung Utara - Bandar Lampung 35214
Ph (0721) 483 917
Fx (0721) 476 145
or via Email: lampung@mutualplus.co.id

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